Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tire swag!

Right now I'm running Anakees on my 1150. Good road tires. I will buy another pair. But with spring (more or less) here, I want to get some practice riding the 1150 off-road, since I'll certainly be on dirt in Alaska and Canada. So I bought some Continental TKC80s, knobby tires capable of both dirt and street. Throw in a tire pressure monitor (hey Mom & Dad — it's safety gear!) and some bling tire irons from Motion Pro, and it's Christmas in, uh, March.

It's pretty funny how the tires were "packaged." The SmarTire pressure monitor and tires were both delivered today by UPS, but by two different trucks. When the first truck gave me the monitor, I asked the UPS guy if there was another package. Maybe a big one? He said: "Yeah, you the guy with the tires?" Yeah, that's me.

Huh. Wonder how he knew they were tires. Must be in a big box that says TiresUnlimited.com in big letters or something.


I got a pretty good kick out of that. Installation this weekend, if I'm not too busy with work.

The other pair of tires are Pirelli MT21s for my DRZ400.

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Miriam said...

What's this... too busy with work?

Looking forward to helping with the install this weekend :)!