Saturday, April 28, 2007

Minor accident

Well, my bike is officially battle tested. I was riding home from work today and made a left onto my street. Just as I came out of the turn, a parked car pulled out. I'm happy to say that the instincts did what they were supposed to: emergency brake, slight swerve. Didn't go into the opposing lane, since that could have been really ugly, but managed to scrub enough speed to bring me down to less than 10 mph and make the collision a glancing one. I wonder if I could have avoided it entirely by swerving a bit more, but given the potential for oncoming traffic, I don't think my reaction was bad.

Meanwhile, I had time for two thoughts before collision. Thought 1: "Huh. I'm gonna hit this guy." Thought 2: "I hope my bike stays up."


Kept the bike upright and brought it to a near stop. Looked around and did a U-turn to park on the other side of the road. Quick self-check tells me that my right leg bumped the car, but no damage to myself.

The guy in the car gets out and is very apologetic. Very nice guy, fortunately. We exchange information and check for damage. His left-view mirror broke off and is lying in the center of the road, and there is a dent in the driver's door. My bike ... is fine. Not a hairline scratch. Some of the paint from his car rubbed off onto the bike, but I later scraped it off with my fingernail and a scrubber sponge. Given the total lack of damage to my bike, we agree there's no need to report it.

Man I love my bike. That thing is a tank. I'm a little shaken, of course, but happy that everything is OK.

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