Monday, October 8, 2007

More details soon!

Sorry for the long hiatus in updates! Between being away from fast Internet connections and just being plain lazy, I haven't yet uploaded my photos from southern Alaska and the ride back to civilization. But I'm back, more or less: I'm typing this from my father's house near Denver. I've been here for a couple days resting -- enjoying a real bed, home-cooked meals, and jumping on the trampoline with my dad's stepkids.

Tomorrow I head back to PA for my cousin Nancy's wedding. The plan is to do it in two days: here to South Bend, IN tomorrow, and then to Lansdale, PA on Wednesday. Long miles, but I'd rather just get it done. Then: a real update, with pictures. Southern Alaska was absolutely stunning.


Mom said...

Jake, Glad to see a new post up, even w/o the pictures. I guess I will get to see them in person in a couple days. Hope you took plenty of time to rest up for the final haul back east. I'm greatly looking forward to seeing you and hearing more stories. We're shooting for Sunday noon for tacos.
Safe travels. Love you, Mom

Edward said...

Hi Jake,

good to hear about your big trip. Definitely a very cool way to mark the end of your time at MIT.

- Edward Boyce.