Friday, September 7, 2007

And we are GO!!!!

I'm hitting the road! (figuratively speaking, of course.) Sadly, without the camera. It was not happy with the motorcycle power supply, despite the big filtering capacitors I put in my controller circuit and on the camera itself. Ah well, something to do for the next trip.

It was a nice thought:

And here's the bike, ready and waiting for me!

Thanks to everyone who wished me off!

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Anonymous said...

CONGRATS DR. JAKE! I love the laundry slip to confirm your DR. status. I emailed your Mom to make sure you were still at the same address - because believe it or not I have a Birthday card ready for mailing! Wow, I am so on top of it! Anyway, needless to say, not gonna get to you, but it will find you later...

Otherwise, it was incredible to hear and now read all that you have been up to and that you're DONE at MIT and now off on the fall freedom tour. I wish you all the best! Have a blast and of course RIDE SAFE!


Jennifer said...

Fall of freedom - woooo! Congratulations on getting the dry clean slip of honor before ambivalence-turned-disdain turned into psychotic hatred of astro. You are a doctor! I'll be looking forward to hearing about the adventures along the way.

Mom said...

Jake, Glad to hear you're off! The pics of the bike are really great. Doesn't look like you're over-loaded, but I can imagine how much is in the boxes and bags. I've seen you pack before! Can't wait to see more posts and photos. What an exciting adventure for you!! Safe travels.