Friday, September 14, 2007

Day 4 - 7: stuck in Wisconsin!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have no excuse, as I've had nothing better to do while I sit around in my hotel room. (Which, luckily, does have high-speed internet.) But my situation has been sufficiently pathetic that I've been doing nothing other than watching TV, playing computer games on my laptop, and ... well, that's about it. I did travel into Green Bay on wednesday and check out the local brew pub and a few other places. And there is a pretty decent Mexican restaurant right next door to the hotel. (I know -- it must be like all 10 of the Mexicans in Wisconsin, right there.)

So, the damage to the bike: one of the seals on my transmission failed, letting crap get in there. That destroyed the transmission and caused the clutch plate to become unaligned, prematurely wearing it. OUCH. I lucked out and found a used, good-condition tranny on, which buys totaled beemers and parts them out, so that saved me a good bit of money. Still, this hurts the old checkbook.

WOOHOO! Dealer just called as I type this. BIKE IS DONE! I'll be back on the road in an hour.

>>>NEXT: Days 8 - 10: from Green Bay to the AK Highway


Mom said...

Hallelujah!! So glad to hear you're on the road again (...can't wait to get back on that road again...). And thanks for the call. May the rest of your trip be trouble-free and full of sights and adventure. Love you, Mom

Deepto Chakrabarty said...

Delighted to hear you're back on your way! We've all been wondering how you've been since Sunday.

Rick Hartman said...

Let me add my "yahoo" to you being back on the road. I will give Klaus some grief about your problems with the BMW bike.

Travel safely, Dad

Mom said...

Jake, the main article in the Philadelphia Inquirer's travel section today was on the Dalton Highway. They even met a young man traveling it on a BMW motorcycle. Too cool. Very interesting and informative. Looking forward to your next post. Mom