Wednesday, September 5, 2007

STILL in Cambridge!

But I can say with some finality: the departure date is Thursday, September 6, at roughly 5:00 am. I decided that I am on vacation, so I am not rushing anything, not even vacation.

Plus, I got bogged down in a morass of electronics, trying to rig up a digital camera to take a picture every 6 seconds of my trip. So that I could create a time-lapsed video. It would have been very cool. Might still be. But I'm having problems with the camera giving me "low battery warnings." (Despite the fact that it expects 3.7 V and I've given it anywhere between that and 4.5 V. Stupid camera.) So that might not happen. But I bumped it from the priority list, so I'll leave Thursday morning regardless.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the camera video sounds good, but is it really feasible? And that would be one long video! Have a wonderful trip. Love you, Mom

Jake said...

It might just work! After giving up on it, I woke up this morning with the solution to the problem I'd been having with it. So it depends on whether I have the time tonight. If it works, great; if not, oh well. I'll take other motorcycle trips.

At a picture every six seconds, played back at 20 frames per second, it would be one minute of video for every two hours of riding. So an 8 hour day would be a 4 minute video -- just the right length to put a good song with it. :-)