Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Day 18: a do-nothing day!

Well, not quite nothing. I took my bike over to George's shop, and he fixed up the fork seal and replaced the fork oil. Charged me $107 for parts, labor, and a spare seal to carry along with me, just in case. I can't say enough about the service there. He gave me a Trail's End BMW license plate frame as a souvenir, and my bike will wear it with pride.

And then ... I blogged. And blogged. And watched Pan's Labyrinth (recommended) on HBO. And then blogged. And here I am. Done, and finally up to date.

And since I'm writing multiple entries more or less at once, the order is a bit funky. So skip down a couple entries and read 'em in order!

Tomorrow: Denali! And I'll try to keep the updates more regular.

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Anonymous said...

All I can say is "wow". I am sure that the pictures cannot possibly capture the beauty, but it is still pretty amazing looking. It makes me want to head up to Alaska -- by automobile! And what nutcase rides a bike from Prudhoe Bay to Mexico. At least he has the good sense to be heading south.

I am especially pleased that you got to see the aurora. I know that was on your wish list.

Sounds like you have met some very interesting people along the way and spent time getting to know them albeit briefly.

Looking forward to continuing to see your updates. If you want more mountains -- you can come to Denver. Better hurry though, the leaves are changing, and we had snow down to 8500 feet last night.

I love you,


Jinrong Lin said...

WOW you made it!!

When your bike had that problem on day 3, I was kind of worrying that I would see you the next day in the offce...... But finally you made it!!

Considering I have to sit in the office everyday, reading your posts and Miriam's is a big fun for me, just like I'm doing the adventure by myself. So post more pictures and blogs please!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Jake,
Aunt Jackie sent me the link to your blog, what an amazing trip! The pictures are beautiful but I'm sure they do it no justice in person. Congrats on your doctorate and your trip! Can't wait to see you at the wedding, travel safe and HAVE FUN!


Anonymous said...

Jake, the scenery is amazing, and your pictures are great. Thanks for keeping the blog up-to-date so we can track your progress.


Anonymous said...

Greetings from rainy Munich, where Oktoberfest is in full swing. This year we are attempting to have fewer visiting students sleeping in fields ;-)

It looks fab though. Have forwarded your pics to hubby as part of my 'let's go to Alaska' campaign. Not sure he'll be convinced by the dry town part of things...although we could just adopt our Iceland strategy again and travel with a bottle of gin and copious vats of tonic in the rucksack.

Good luck with the return journey!