Saturday, September 8, 2007

Day 1

711 miles, Cambridge, MA to North Hampton, NH to Alton, ON via Niagra

So day 1 was a bit of a rescue mission. Miriam, a good friend of mine who is also doing a Canada ride, ran into some bike problems requiring some new parts. Parts in Canada are apparently hard to find and very expensive, so I stopped by the bike shop in NH that she goes to and delivered them to Alton, a town just north of Toronto where she is staying with friends. The plus side being that I got to stay with some extremely nice Canadians.

But first -- the beginning. Here's my odometer, right before leaving. 41,969 mi.

Not much to see, scenery-wise. I wanted to be quick so it was just a straight shot down the 90 through Massachusetts and New York.

The auxiliary tank is AWESOME. 428 miles before my first refill, and I could have gone another 40. Between that, the new saddle, and the throttle lock (think a poor man's cruise control), the highway miles just flew past. An iPod and good earphones helps too.

43 mpg. Not bad.

Finally, I reached Niagra. I remember the rapids before the Falls frightening me as a child. At night they are even more menacing. Here the Horseshoe Falls are lit by spotlights from the Canadian side.

And entering Canada:

OK, that's all for now. I am being lazy since I have such wonderful hosts here but I need to hit the road!

>>>NEXT: Day 2 & 3 - We have a problem

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